Thursday, February 23, 2017

“The age of colorblindness” is an idea about how racism only exist before the Civil Rights Movement, and after the Civil Rights Movement people don’t define themselves or other people by their race. But instead of having real “colorblindness” we are still living in the “age of colorblindness” and will never be able to escape. People of color are still being treated differently in this country. “Colorblindness” is a perfect situation that most people want to achieve and are working on, but will never actually be achieved because of human nature.
Racial caste is a way American society separates people of color from white people and gives white people more rights and freedom by placing different color people into different levels. Because of the system, black people are being placed in jail at higher rates than white people. Due to colorblindness, people think the reason black people are placing in jail more often is they are dangerous and doing stuff that are illegal. According to Alexander, it is more likely to find illegal drug in a white people' car than to find one in black people's car, so it doesn't make sense to put black in jail.

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  1. I think the era of colorblindess is an era of not being permissible to use race explicitly, as a justification for discrimination. Could you also explain that "colorblindess will never be escaped" ? I think as we are realizing the problem of colorblindness, therefore, we're working towards eliminting it as much as we possible can.