Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Miranda Xu
Dr. Bergman
May 1 2017

I agree with Mora that prisoners of war should be treated equally no matter if they are US citizens or not. First of all, all human should be equal and all human lives are valuable so others have no right to torture them even when they are prisoners of war. Secondly, we should put ourselves in other's shoes. If we torture prisoners from another country, then they'll do the same things and torture our people.For example if we torture prisoners of war from Middle East then they will respond to us by doing the same thing to our people. Lastly, torturing prisoners from another country is against the Declaration of Independence. If we believe life, liberty, and purity of happiness are basic human rights, then all humans should have them and we should give the prisoners a chance to have them as well.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mass incarceration

The civil right movement was a social movement in the United State to end racial segregation and discrimination against African-Americans and to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizenship rights enumerated in the Constitution and federal law. Racial caste is a way people use to put different color people into different social levels. The ones who are in lower social level, who are the African Americans, are being treated unequally by other people. The existence of racial caste is going to leave a mark in people’s mind, when they think about black people then the word “dangerous”, “prisoner” is gonna come up. Most of the black prisoners don’t get caught because of doing illegal stuff, but because of their skin color, because of their race. That is one of the most important reasons for the build of the form of mass incarceration.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

“The age of colorblindness” is an idea about how racism only exist before the Civil Rights Movement, and after the Civil Rights Movement people don’t define themselves or other people by their race. But instead of having real “colorblindness” we are still living in the “age of colorblindness” and will never be able to escape. People of color are still being treated differently in this country. “Colorblindness” is a perfect situation that most people want to achieve and are working on, but will never actually be achieved because of human nature.
Racial caste is a way American society separates people of color from white people and gives white people more rights and freedom by placing different color people into different levels. Because of the system, black people are being placed in jail at higher rates than white people. Due to colorblindness, people think the reason black people are placing in jail more often is they are dangerous and doing stuff that are illegal. According to Alexander, it is more likely to find illegal drug in a white people' car than to find one in black people's car, so it doesn't make sense to put black in jail.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

IAT Test

I did the Asian IAT because I am an Asian and I want to know how people see Asians in America. In the test they separate Asian and European people through their look and how they define the difference.

Law and Order

In 1960s, a lot of job were being provided to the poor white people which means most of the black people are losing their job. At that time, drugs are illegal but expensive, a lot of the black people who lose their job were taking advantage to trade drugs to make money. That way many of the black people were in jail just because they were forced to trade drugs to survive. At that time the amount of prisoners were rising real fast. The black people were being treated horribly, and the poor white people are going to to join the “White Society” and being separated from poor black people.

Republicans were very strict on crime and drug issue, the Democratic Party was trying to win back the swing voters by being strict on crime and drug just like the Republican. Once Clinton elected president he made more federal laws to create more crime and put more black people in jail to “support” the poor white people. By doing so the Democratic Party is going to be supported by more and more poor white people. He also replaced aid to families with dependent children and needy families to win their support.